Graphic Design/ Illustration/ 3D modeling

I'm originally from Caracas, Venezuela and currently living in New York. I went to school in Venezuela, where I studied illustration. Today, most of my work is based in 3D modeling. Two years ago I decided to learn 3D modeling using Blender 3D and later ZBrush. I am currently learning Unreal Engine and C++ through online certificate courses and tutorials to persue a carreer in gaming. I am a skilled character artist and hard surface modeler.

Previously I worked at GoWFO as a Graphic Consultant and before that at Red Balloon Security where I was a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and 3D Modeler. I have experience creating concept art, developing conference and partnership presentation materials, shooting and editing video demos, designing t-shirts, stickers, and other collateral, and working with physical art media.

Prior to Red Balloon Security, I worked at Eye Dazzler where I was a surface pattern designer for a textile company based in Brooklyn.

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