“The multivent project will save lives by creating a mobile, low cost, low maintenance, simplified multipatient ventilator that is designed to be stockpiled and deployed during resource-constrained mass cassualty events such as the current COVID-19 pandemic or chemical, biological, radiation or nuclear (CBRN) events”                                                       Dr. PhD. Ang Cui.                                                       Red Balloon Security CEO.

The Multivent Project

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, there was a shortage of respirators around the world. One respirator, which services one patient, can cost up to $30,000, a cost prohibitive to many hospitals. The Red Balloon team built a respirator that can provide mechanical ventilation for up to 10 patients simultaneously and be fabricated with mass-produced products, which reduces the cost per patient to $500-$1,500.


Deliver a mockup presentation of the Multivent Project in early stages as a proposal for the U.S. government, displaying the potential advantages of a low-cost, multi-patient ventilator.


- Logo design
- Concept art
- 3D design
- 3D rendering